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Randall Currie Kansas seedlings 2007


Click on the Picture to see the original size.

On cups in all slides left:  RC is for Randall Currie. The 07 is the year,  the next number is seed lot

and the last number is the order  that the seeds came up

SO  RC07. 4.1 is Randal Currie seedling from 2007 from seed lot 4 of that year

sooo it is ES 3-36-21 X SV 23.18 and it was the first one to sprout. 



Pictures of  ES 3-16-21 X SV 23.18  

(ES 3-16-21 is  ES 634 X Cab. Sauvignon)







RC07.4.1 to RC074.21    are pictures of  ES 3-16-21 X SV 23.18     

ES 3-16-21 is  ES 634 X Cab. Sauvignon


ES 3-16-21 X Cabernet Franc


These are from  re-stratified seed from last years crosses.


OP seedlings of Regent


RC077.2 to  RC077.8  OP seedlings of Regent.  

assumed to be selfed because of very low vigor  note that all slides sent were taken moments apart 

so the three or 4 fold diff.  in size is due to inbreeding.   

a month later these regents still look bad.   the others are out side in larger pots already  with lots of leaves



Original size.