Truntehus Vingaard

Single Bud propergation in DK

Vereity is Sieger


 This is a 2 year vine, made by a single bud cutting. and use what is left of the internode, strip the bark with a sliced cut at one side app. 30 mm from the bottom. Bud is placed 2-3 cm above the soil. Cutting diameter is typical 5 to 10 mm. The rooting starts where the temperature, humidity and Oxigine has the best combination, meaning that the roots can start at the very buttom on the cutting, or anywhere else...

This 2 year Sieger has popped out roots app. 4-5 cm from the bud.


Closeup , same picture:  The soil must have collapsed a bit, causing the roots to be in open air. I mix heavy clay soil with sand and Humus.

This picture shows a "left over" cutting from the basement, started in August last year and had app. 8 weeks of growth. I don't know if it survieve, but it surely had good root development. The trail was: soil mix at the bottom 6-7 cm, 1-2 cm Perlite, and then 6-7 cm soil mix at the top. Total of 15 cm, the results was incredible, I have never been a shark to made vines, always something went wrong, Botrytis, rot, to little light, bad cuttings aso. but this works !! or just luck. The Idea was to have a deposit of Oxigine in the soil ( the Perlite), and still have high humidity around the Stern and still no Botrytis .  Well suddenly I got the 6 times 12 plants with a 100% yield. ( I also started a high quality control of the cuttings last year, maybe it is just that...)


Well, I must tell you that this sliced cut is not always effectuated, this cutting has a total length of app. 10 cm .

Here is a illustration close to type 1, but I can't find the original article.

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Trail house,

2 layer plastic windows keeps the heat during night. 4 Layer "white" plastic on top.  15 cm isolation at bottom. Shadow from app. 10:00 to 14:00

Cuttings is a mix of one and two buds. Many only 3-4 mm, because it was "left overs" from grafting in spring. More that 150 vines in only 4 x 6 feet. All cuttings was ½ year old, and I did not expect many to grow, so there I was very wrong ...

Frost in mid October killed all leaves, but at that time some of the vines was more than 3 feet long. ( Zilga )