General Genetics

"Population genetics"
by Knud Christensen

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An academic Danish textbook on population genetics of animals. Though there are some differences between the population genetics of plants and animals, the overlap is considerable.

1. Introduction, quantitative versus qualitative (Mendelian) genetics
2. Hardy-Weinberg law for gene frequency stability in large populations
3. Deviations from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium
4. Relationship and inbreeding
5. Test of simple genetic hypotheses, experimental or field data
6. Definition of quantitative traits, breeding values and heritability
7. Estimation of breeding values
8. Genetic changes by selection
9. Inbreeding, crossing and bred structure
10. Chromosomes and chromosome aberrations
11. Genetics of hair and coat colour in mammals (under construction)
12. Estimation- and bio-technology and disease resistance
13. Exercises and solutions, in Danish
14. Genetic calculations, applets and other programs
15. Input to genetic discussion club or former input