Growing Grapes

How to Grow Grapes - Don Tveter

"In Chicago there are many yellow jacket wasps in the fall and they love grapes so it is advisable to get a variety that ripens early before the wasp population explodes."

Practical tips and suggestions for the gardener and small vineyardist. Not an authoritative or completete guide, but a good personal page. His main variety is Reliance.

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"Growing Grapes in Missouri"
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735Kb by J. Avery, P. Byers, S. Howard, M. Kaps, L. Kovacs, J. Moore, M. Odneal, W. Qiu, J. Saenz, S. Teghtmeyer, H. Townsend, and D. Waldstein
Southwest Missouri State University-Mountain Grove MS-29
75 pages

Considerations in Planning a Vineyard
Cost of Establishing a Vineyard
Site Selection
Cultivar Selection
Selecting and Constructing a Trellis System
Planting the Vineyard and Care of Young Trees
Training and Pruning
Irrigation Systems
Fertility Management in Vineyards
Disease Management
Insect Pest Management
Weed Control
Bird and Pest Management
Harvest Management