MGGA's Historical Publications

The Minnesota Grape Growers Association is publishing a CD containing all of it's literature of the past 25 years, together with several outstanding grape books.

The MGGA is the heir to an exceptional period of private and academic horticultural innovation in the Upper Midwest. There is a great deal of technical grape information in their body of literature, but also of real importance, it is the historical record of a social enterprise that bears close study. We need more stories like that of the MGGA, and the study of their example is excellent preparation.

Though there are several dozen articles from the MGGA literature on this website, and there will be more, I recommend acquiring the complete collection, and I would suggest that taking membership in the MGGA is also an excellent move. I am doing both.



To order the MGGA CD, send $20.00 in Check to MGGA:

c/o John Marshall, MGGA Secretary
35680 Hwy 61 Blvd.
Lake City, MN 55041

To join the MGGA, visit the MGGA Membership webpage.

Or, go to the MGGA Homepage, and follow their Membership link.

The MGGA CD also contains these four classic books,
all of great interest to students of grapes:

Grapes of New York

"Hedrick's 1908 work represents the 'bible' of eastern North American grape varieties from the early 20th century. This 786 page tome has over 100 full color plates beautifully illustrating classic American grape varieties. Printed versions of this book sell for over $1000."

Foundations of American Grape Culture

"Munson's 1909 book is the other classic volume from the early 20th century. One of eastern America's most prolific grape breeders give wonderful descriptions of grape varieties and grape culture on the southern plains. 254 pp."

Bush Catalog of Grape Varieties

"This is the 1895 fourth edition of the Bushburg Nurseries catalog of grape varieties and grape culture. Unlike any modern catalog, this 214 page catalog is actually a comprehensive book, well illustrated with pen drawings of many varieties."

European Grape Growing

"This 1941 book describes the pioneering efforts of a Hungarian immigrant family's (Rittich) attempts to grow European types of grape vines in the interior of British Columbia."