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 Climate info & Member MAP:     

 Updated  28 - April  - 2006



Members MAP, Grapebreeders in USA & EU


Climate info:


Global warming

 Global warming is killing vineyards in southern Spain

Global warming

 First World Meeting on Global Warming & Wine

Global warming      

 Americans may have another reason to worry about global warming

Global warming   (not about grapes)

 Viruses Moving North to Areas Unprepared for Them

Climate Change & Variability:  

 Trends, Influences, and Impacts for the Wine Industry

1990 / 2004 climate zones    

 See the zones change.

USDA Zone Definitions  

 Based on the average annual minimum temperature

USDA zone map  1

 All US

USDA zone map  2

 Also close-up possibilities on your state !

Global warming

 Climate change could be good news for Washington wine makers

Texas chilling zones

 Description talks about peaches

What the weather is worldwide!    

 Just enter the name of your CITY

Soil survey data     

 Welcome to the NCSS Web Soil Survey.

The Easter freeze of 2007

 Institute for Continental Climate Viticulture and Enology

The Easter freeze of 2007

 Agricultural Research and Extension Center Winchester, Virginia