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 Technique and Method for Grape Culture     

 Updated  17 - Maj  - 2007


Hot Water Treatment  

Hot water treatment in commercial nursery practice

Hot Water Treatment  

Control of phylloxera and nematodes goto appendix 4 in the document

Hot Water Treatment  

Safe Movement of Grapevine Germplasm,   

Hot Water Treatment  

Hot-Water Treatments for on Dormant Grape Cuttings

2 Mb pdf Report on an International Vine Nursery Study Tour

This Report also contains info about HWT.

The Effects of Cover Crops and Compost on Grapevine Nutrition

Recent research has indicated that nitrogen (N) should be applied during

Soil water measurement    

Efficient irrigation requires a systematic water management program

Pruning Strategy for Frost Protection

The Illinois "Grape Communicator" newsletter May / June 2005

Pruning Grapevines in Michigan

Pruning is the most important cultural practice in the management of grapevines

Anatomy of Grapevine Winter Injury and Recovery

Severely cold winter temperatures can significantly impact grapevine productivity

A Guide for Missouri Growers : Cold Hardiness of Grapes

Grapevine hardiness is a major factor in the selection of species and varieties

"Grapevine Crown Gall"  (a common problem with winter-injured trunks)

Many times grapevines will experience some type of winter damage.

"Winter-Winter-Winter" an interesting Canadian perspective

This guide has argued hard that the benefits of Prince Edward County

Dept. of Horticulture, Iowa State University   

ISU Viticulture Research, very large pdf files !! but very fine presentations !!

Trellising the Grape: An Unsung Aspect of Wine Quality    

Most wine drinkers never think about how the grapes that made their wine hang on the vine

Gain up to 10 F during night temperature. !   

An ambitious effort to study and implement various means of protecting Vitis Vinifera vines in a New England winter.



Irrigation of winegrapes in California   

How much irrigation water is required to grow quality winegrapes

Trellis-Tension Technology     

Fine-Tunes Grape-Yield Estimates

ISUReport on ISUWine Cultivar ResearchWine Cultivar

Research from IOWA Horticulture


Rootstock Info: 


Dr. Carmo Vasconcelos, Oregon State University powerpoint show

Phylloxera-resistant Rootstocks for Grapevines   

Dr. Carmo Vasconcelos, Oregon State University