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 Scientific Research & Technique   

 Updated  26 - May  - 2007


Comparative organization of chloroplast, mitochondrial and nuclear diversity in plant populations   

Not about grapes .... Plants offer excellent models to investigate how gene flow shapes the organization of genetic diversity.

Diversifying Selection in Plant Breeding  

Not about grapes ....  Here is the same Essay as a 4 Mbyte pdf file.

Cornell Electronic library         

Hedrick, U. P. Manual of American grape-growing Macmillan, New York : 1919

Three vine spacings, two trellis systems; Oakville , Napa Valley   

High grapevine planting density, is a relatively new concept in California viticulture

Improved Rooting of Vitis aestivalis    

More than 3,000 Norton hardwood cuttings were tested in an experiment

Goffinet's publication     

Periderm development and the accompanying changes in cold hardiness

USDA  Agricultural Research

ARS is breaking new ground in grape research ...

Interim Research Progress Report for 2004  

Development and evaluation of cold hardy wine grape breeding

Overview of Viticulture Consortium  EAST CORNELL

New York State Agricultural Experiment Station

The Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology    

Gene Switch Makes Crops Drought-Resistant When Needed

Cold Hardiness of Grapes

Grapevine hardiness is a major factor in the selection of species ...