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 Updated  25 - July  - 2007


The grapebreeders Archives

Login page for the grapebreeders Archives

The Swenson Grape Preservation Project

The The Swenson Preservation Project relies largely on volunteers to maintain

GDD, LTI and TTP index for grapegrowing           

A New Climate Index for Grape Growing in Short Season Areas

Vitis -- One Genus or Two?

Characteristics of the Vitis and the Muscadinia Section

Potential for extending Scandinavian wine cultivation   

Click under the "Full Text Access", button "Entire doc." Working again ??

Salem Glen Vineyard Rochester, Minnesota

Arbotex and Grow Tube Pictures and Data

Welcome to Floridagrapes (as a grapebreeder, you have to know this page)

USDA Zone Definitions  

Based on the average annual minimum temperature

Rosa rugosa Thunb. ex Murray

Goto page 453-454 there is a lot of postulate about seed germination in different experiments


List members input:


Lon & others historical info on Grapebreeding    

Read more about Paschke, Olmo, Triplett ...

T.V. Munson  

The Core Historical Literature; Foundations of American grape culture

Hedrick, U. P

The Core Historical Literature; The grapes of New York

About Elmer Swenson & his variety list   

Carl's spreadsheet & link's to other pages about Elmer Swenson.

Grape Breeding Infomation Resources

Mark Hart's 'golden oldies' (reprints)

Pictures of some grapes ...

U. of MN Horticulture Resource Center

Seed germination   

A beginners guide for seeds germination.


Pictures of Larsen's own Rondo x Regent. (Sorry only Danish)

Single Bud Cutting.

Pictures of Larsen's Single Bud Vine.

2005 ”bud-break” report

Pictures of 40 diff. varieties in bud-break stage.(Sorry only Danish)

Bucket Method for Green Rooting Bicolor   

Aaron Puhala's Bucket Method

Jean Houle's rooting of Bicolor   

Jean have used the "Propagating Greenwood Cuttings" By Gary Mogren

Useful information by Lon J. Rombough      

Grapes are very easy to grow from cuttings

Homemade Germination chamber  

Designed for Petri-dish germination, by Søren Larsen

Homemade Germination chamber  

Designed for small all-round use, by Phil Napoli

Help Identify this Grape       

This page is dedicated to one of those "a family member gave me this grape vine"

Bob Zehnder's Vineyard     Download the original pictures

Clifford Ambers' visit at Bob Zehnder's Vineyard.

Randall Currie 2007 seedlings

Pictures from Kansas.

Jon's Riparia

.. pictures of some wild riparia vines I found near Sioux Falls ..

Fruiting Cuttings     

Revised Method for Producing Test plants of grapevine.


Link's to the Internet:


Grape Breeding at the Sweet Briar Community Garden

In an attempt to develop wine grapes uniquely suited to the Sweet Briar climate a

Grape Breeding Procedures     ! ! ! ! !

Basic background on grape breeding, a great beginners guide authored by: Bruce I. Reisch and Philip Stewart 2001.

Minnesota Grape Growers Association   

New features of the site are a discussion forum, cold climate varietal matrix and extensive links

Vineyard Rootstock Selection

Rootstock selection is based on soil and climate conditions

Propagating Greenwood Cuttings    

By Gary Mogren, Windwater Vineyard and Nursery

Finland & viticulture   

Finnish aspects of growing the vine and drinking wine

Plant Protection and Quarantine Plant and Plant Products Permits.

Nursery Stock, Including Seeds, of Non-Canadian Origin

The demand for grape planting materials is at an all time high ..  

Rapid propagation of grape planting stock,  Us C.

Rapid propagation of grape planting stock    

Department of Viticulture & Enology, University of California, Davis, CA


 Here you can find some of the info from the old homepage "Vitigen" here;

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