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 Research for Grape Culture:     

 Updated  17 - Marts  - 2007


International Grape Genome Program       

Welcome to the web site

A gene controlling sex in grapevines      

Genetic maps of Vitis (2n = 38) have been constructed

Seedlessness Character in Grapevine      

We have initiated a marker assisted selection program for seedlessness

Grape Genetics:        

Research Reports from the Cornell Grape Breeding Program

International Symposium on Grapevine Genetics and Breeding

Online articles

Scientific 2002 Symposium S05      

A pdf file from a 2002 Viticulture symposium, with several items on grape breeding.

The Small Fruits Review Monographic “Separates”   

The Use of a Bud Freezing Technique to Determine the Hardiness of 20 Grape Genotypes

Measuring Cold Hardiness in Woody Plants

Cold hardiness is a key factor limiting the distribution and productivity of perennial horticultural plants in northern areas.

Freezing Behaviors in Plant Tissues

Freezing behaviours in plant tissues as visualized by NMR microscopy and their regulatory mechanisms


Foundation Plant Services (FPS) was established as a public service

In regions of highly diversified agriculture, herbicides used in one field may not be compatible with crops growing in nearby fields   

"Biomonitoring with sentinel plants to assess exposure on nontarget crops to
atmospheric deposition of herbicide residues"

Kansas State University publication, including info on 2,4-D susceptibility of a number of hybrid varieties    

Questions and Answers About Vineyard Injury from Herbicide Drift

Stress reactions in Vitis vinifera following soil application of the herbicide flumioxazin"    

In order to evaluate the stress effects of flumioxazin (fmx) on grapevine, a non-target plant ...

A Focus on Grape Genetics     

published in the April 2006 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.

A Technical Guide for Wine Producers    

The threat of herbicide resistant weeds to the wine industry

WeedScience University of Wisconsin  

Frequently Asked Questions about Herbicide Resistant Weeds    

Evolution of herbicide-resistant weeds