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 Varieties info & Databases:     

 Updated  4 - January  - 2008


 Varieties Info:


Grape Variety List

Now 217 different Variety links, including the 4 new Varieties from Geiweilerhoff.

List of principal vine varieties and synonymous  

Liste des cépages principaux et de leurs synonymes

Grape varieties -- crosses and and genetic composition

Parentship to some verities. (Little Fat Wino)

Grape hybrid varieties and accessions' parentage

 .. their genetic percent of Vitis species

Grape Varieties for the Vinho Verde

Ampelographic Description of some grapes in Portugal.

Greek wine Varieties.     

 From all about Greek Wine.

Valpolicella Region

Grape descriptions.

Lesser Known European Wine Grape Cultivars   (quality of wine in %)

Average wine quality of certain promising wine grape cultivars in the period 1992 -

Budbreak and Harvest dates for 31 grape varieties     

The following graphs show the average date (Fig. 1) and range in dates

Article about the "Rock Grape"     

Last year, Diane Pavek spent the summer exploring more than 12,000 miles

The Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants

Joint effort by the Institute of Systemic Botany

Growing Wine Grapes in Maritime Western Washington

There are many unique features of growing wine grapes in western Washington,

The identification of a naturalized grape in Ontario    

A wild grape found in eastern Ontario near Garreton by Mr. Bob Woolham

Triplett blanc, Sweet Scarlet and Thomcord  

FPS Grape Program Newsletter 2004, and her is a 2002 number.

The Super Gigantic Y2K Winegrape Glossary     

This great homepage must also have a place here ....

Recommended Varieties for cultivation in Georgia 2002   

Georgian Local Varieties of Vine,  overview

Phillip Wagners Grape collection

Some good varieties descriptions

Grape Expectations                            

Until recent times any wine grape that could survive Minnesota’s harsh climate was celebrated

Muscadine Nurseries    

A family owned and operated nursery with more than 25 years experience  

Muscadine Nurseries      

You can also get Muscadine here.

Nurserie of Spätburgunder          

Homepage der Rebenveredlung Antes,  Bable fish translation

The Super Gigantic Y2K Winegrape Glossary

by Anthony J. Hawkins


A white grape variety developed decades ago in Stellenbosch

A Vineyard Travelogue of the Baltics and Belarus     

Tom Plocher and Bob Parke   more

Latvian Grapes in Wine     

By Andris Dishlers, Latvian Grapegrowers Club

Pinotage, the South African variety

More from Wynboer   1   2   3   4


Thomcord Grape: Flavorful, Attractive — and Seedless!

Autumn King Seedless Grapes:      

Big and Luscious!

Croatian grape identical to Zinfandel and Primitivo

Article by Julia Sevenich


Varieties Info from Private people:


Bent Dunn's Cold-Hardy vines

From Little Fat Wino

Grape hybrid varieties and accessions' parentage and their genetic..

Compiled by: Dr. Michael J. Striem














European Vitis Database

Or press and 3949 Varieties is on your screen !! (Takes time !)

Vitis International Variety Catelogue          

15.992 prime names !!!


The Germplasm Resources Information Network

The PLANTS Database

PLANTS is your national plant database.

Rusian Database

Translation needed !!

Michel White just released a new Gallery

ALL the old pictures from


Universities & Research centers info on Varieties:


Grapevine Varieties of Institute Geilweilerhof

Geilweilerhof own presentation of there latest Varieties.

Forschunganstalt Geisenheim

The best Varieties from Gm.

Staatliches Weinbauinstitut Freiburg     

Willkommen auf der Staatlichen Weinbauinstitutes.

University of Minnesota     

Welcome to our grape website! At the University of Minnesota

U of Minnesota has posted a pdf file of its 2005 grape breeding report

Development and evaluation of cold hardy wine grape breeding selections and cultivars in the Upper Midwest  

Online publication with photos and stories about U of  Minnesota winegrape  

At the University of Minnesota, we're known worldwide for expertise in cold hardy varieties.

Cornell University Geneva, NY     

Importation and evaluation of Eastern European Hybrid Grapes for Adaptability to Mid-western and Eastern Conditions

University of California (UC)     

New Viticulture Website Offers Online Grape Information

Noiret, Corot noir & Valvin Muscat   

Cornell University officially named and released three new wine grapes

A new CSIRO-bred table grape variety    

Going on sale in Western Australia later this month is a new table grape variety

Cienna   ---   Rubienne   ---   Tyrian    

Three new winegrape varieties developed by CSIRO

Cold Climate Viticulture in Vermont       

Slide show by University of Vermont  ( 2,6 Mb )

Rootstock Symposium   

Proceedings of the 2005 Rootstock Symposium


General info on Grapes:


Protocol for Distinctness & Uniformiity  

The protocol describes the technical procedures (BBCH info by UPOV page 34)

Zadok Scale   

 Zadok scale is very much like BBCH scale, by UPOV. (see above)

IPGRI / OIV scale     

 Pest evaluation on page 45.

Eichorn-Lorenz Stages in Shoot Development in the Grapevine   

The Eichorn-Lorenz scale is not the same as BBCH…

Plant Sampling Instructions

More about Zadoc. (not about grapes..)

Study1   ---   Study2   

Study of internode lengths on Concord, Fredonia, and Alwood (org. data)